Uppskjutna träffar Vespa World Club 2020


Hej alla SSK:are

Inte oväntat har vi fått besked att alla evenemang 2020 från Vespa World Club ( dvs Vespa World Days, European Vespa days etc. ) har skjutits upp på grund av Corona-situationen. Givetvis jättetråkigt men samtidigt omöjligt att samla tusentals människor under rådande omständigheter

Alla evenemang skjuts ett år på framtiden och om du anmält dig så gäller den anmälan även för 2021, se brev nedan från Vespa World Clubs president och turistchef med detaljer.

Henrik Börjeson
Ordf. SSK


Dear presidents!

As you know, the Corona pandemic greatly influences all our lives and it unfortunately seems like we will not get back to a normal Vespa Club life soon.

Since the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus, we are in contact with the organizers from Vespa Events world-wide to evaluate the situation and work on responsible measures.

It was, within the last weeks, very hard to find a global solution which does not additionally harm the effected Vespa Clubs and the Vespa Club members.

Within the Vespa World Club board and with the national Vespa Club representatives as well as the organizers from those effected countries we have reached a mutual agreement, which we herewith announce:

The Vespa World Club will postpone all Vespa World Club events for one (1) year!

That means the Vespa World Days 2020 and the European Vespa Days 2020 will be postponed to 2021, all subsequent agreed or official planned events will take place one year later (i.e. Vespa World Days 2021 Swiss will take place 2022, Canada will plan now for 2023 instead for 2022 and so forth).

All accepted member (participant) registrations and all paid participation fees will be valid for those postponed events!

We are fully aware of the fact that some members might not be able to participate a year later than planned, but we will be flexible enough within our Vespa Club community to find a solution for everyone. In case you are an affected member and your Club is at the moment not able to solve your problem, stay calm, we’ve a bit time now and we all will need now some time for all following work - thank you for your patience!

Further information/details you can find at the event-web-pages of the relevant Vespa Club event AND/OR through your local Vespa Club organization – your national Vespa Club will have information or will get information through our Vespa Club network!

Do not relay on rumours, private FB postings or other non-official sources. Your Club has an answer, if not, your Club officers know how and from whom they can get official answers for you!

Meanwhile, we wish you, your family and your friends all the best - stay healthy and support your local medical authority advices!

Yours faithfully

Vespa World Club

Martin Stift / Uwe Bödicker

President / Tourism Commissar

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