Svart Vespa S 50 2009, 4t - imported from Canada, now in Stockholm

Hej dear scooterklubben,

I moved to Stockholm in 2011 and being over optimistic, took my beloved Vespa S50 with me. As it turns out, I couldn't get it registered here in Sweden due to not having a CoC document - and dealership where I bought it (new), wasn't able to get me one. So, it's basically been standing unused since then. I've always meant to see if I could get it registered as a "light motorcycle" or something like that, as suggested by the inspector that did the "ursprungskontroll". This would also be more appropriate, since it has a 70cc kit in it.

Seeing as I haven't gotten around to doing this for several years now, I'm offering it instead for sale, in case someone wants to give it a go (please note that I do not have that CoC document), or if someone wants to buy it for parts (e.g. if you have a frame that could be registered in the EU). Everything works fine, I give it a checkup every summer to make sure everything works fine. It looks fine with the occasional scuff here and there. This is the 4 stroke version. The speedometer etc uses kilometers, not miles, as is used in Quebec.

If you'd like to make me an offer, please send me a message (email: Assuming I can edit the post, I'll upload pictures etc. In the meantime, here's some more information.

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